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Planning Budget Safari Travels in Africa

Traveling overseas is a great thing for a holiday to meet new friends, culture and adventure but saving some dollars from your travel holiday adds joy to your life at the same time to your credit card giving you high chances to discover more around the world if time permits. Are you looking at saving some money from your travel holiday Africa is the best Continent for budget travelers especially in the East Africa region. The region has all you need in a budget tour to Africa from accommodation, transport to tourist unique attractions. No trip can be successful without planning because this will give a clear guide on what exactly you want to see or visit, where to sleep and how to get there and even know the interesting attractions to give priority than the other. Africa offers wonderful experience to all kinds of travelers, researchers, adventure seekers, photographers, journalists but would advise you to read travel guide books of particular countries of your interest and websites, Lonely Planet, Bradt and many others. Also contact local tour operators who organize tours to different destinations for more detailed information before leaving home.

Where to Grab Budget Travel Deals

Rwanda is an easy country to visit in East Africa than you can imagine because all its main attractions are close to other giving chance to travelers to explore one after the other coupled with the frequent RwandAir flight schedules connecting different continents.The country holds beautiful travel secrets, Lake Kivu, The Genocide Memorial, Parc National des Volcans, Nyungwe forest, Mountains and all Rwanda safari tours are complete with at least a Quick run to Rwanda’s main National park-Volcanoes the Home for the unique and endangered Mountain Gorilla’s. You discover Rwanda but make sure a minute for culture is a must a Iby’wachu cultural village a place where you can know Rwanda’s cultural past in just a day. Moving around Rwanda is not hard since most attractions don’t require entrance fees,the Genocide sites, Lake Kivu and some nature walks in the volcano forest. However one can visit three Rwanda attractions and only pays for one that’s Lake Kivu, the Genocide sites and Volcanoes National Park. Transport is a must to take you around, Accommodation and a Gorilla permit fee of $1500 per person in case you are to track Mountain Gorillas.

If you are backpacking in Rwanda, hire one tax to take you through the entire trip since public transport isn’t available from to the Volcanoes Mountain Gorilla park. Get some local Rwanda currency before leaving Kigali city because credit cards are not accepted in places outside Kigali and that will give you hassles in making payments to different service providers. Travel with U S dollars in addition to Rwanda Francs and best exchange rates are granted in different forex bureaus. Budget accommodations are everywhere and cheap in both the city centre and near different attractions solving all Rwanda Questions about Cheap Rwanda accommodations for a Rwanda Tour. Look at parting with 35-80 per night on both bed and breakfast and Full Board basis. Also several airlines offer great rates to Kigali international airport including Emirates, Quarter, Rwanda air, Kenya airways, British airways, Brussels unlike others. So it’s always very easy for travelers all over the world to connect to Rwanda. Apply for your Rwanda Visa online before travel to be on the safe side and receive it upon arrival at the airport costing US$30.

Uganda, the Land Gifted By Nature

Uganda a landlocked country in East African country that shares borders with Sudan, Rwanda , Kenya Tanzania & Democratic Republic of the Congo and all the other countries provide access to the country making it easy for travelers to visit multiple countries around the region while in Uganda. The prime attraction here is the Silver back Mountain Gorillas and their family members though the country has many things to do and experience. Most Uganda parks are well stocked and easily accessed by road.

Public transport buses leave Kampala city to different locations of the country every day in the morning so travelers get a chance of visiting different Uganda National parks & attractions like locals.

Among the Diverse wildlife and beautiful rain forests include the Bwindi National Park, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth Game Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park & Murchison Falls Game Park are best and most visited by backpackers to Uganda. Also Entebbe, Jinja & Kampala City are the best backpacking towns in Uganda with cheap transport, food and accommodation. Hotels and hostels that fit budget travelers can be found all over and bookings are normally made online with payments upon arrival as you check in. Compare various options before booking and always book the right hostel or hotel for a right place. Other cheap travel countries in the region are Kenya, Congo and Tanzania.

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