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Sporting Holidays in the UK

A few of the main reasons that people choose to visit every year is that it is a great place either to enjoy playing sport, or even to come to one of the famous sporting clubs to watch live events which happen year round in the country. The buzz of watching live sport can be something that is difficult to beat at the biggest events and with some of the greatest sporting venues also in the UK, then it is a destination with a lot to offer most sports fans.

Golf is probably among the most popular games across the world, and with the UK being the home of the game, there are also many excellent courses around the country, which are great places to play, and there are also opportunities to play some of the most famous courses in the world. The Ryder Cup course at the Celtic Manor in South Wales is probably the most distinctive in the world, but there are also the famous Open courses which offer a great challenge to players.

Other tourists may be looking for more adventurous sporting experiences, and the natural charms of the UK are great for this purpose. Some great and wonderful mountain biking and climbing can be found in Scotland, and with rivers that are great for canoeing and rafting across the country, a holiday in the UK need never be boring.

There are plenty of other places to go too, and many visitors will want to take in the atmosphere and spectacle of a Premier League game in England, with teams across the country playing football at the very highest level. There are also the marquee events such as Wimbledon every summer, and the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, which is one of the premier motor racing events in the calendar every year.

Having a holiday doesn’t just have to be about going somewhere that is sunny and picturesque, although the UK has a number of wonderful places like this. However, it is the wonderful things that can be done around the country that really make the UK stand out from other destinations, and can make a holiday really special and memorable.

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