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The Tour de France Winner Prediction

I am going to make my début on the UK Travel Room with a post about the Tours de France.

From the stunning heights of the Alps and the Pyrenese to the cultural metropolis of Paris, the Tours de France is a traveller’s dream. For 100 years, cyclists have been travelling the length and breadth of France to watch out for the coveted yellow jersey; I am one of them. I arrived in France last week mostly for the TDF. If you really want to feel the race and be a part of it there’s no better place to do it then in France.

So while reading about the tour and making preparations for my ‘tour of the Tour’, I found a Ribble Cycles infographic that wants to take you back through a century of champs and chumps and predict this year’s cycling greats. Are they right? Probably! As it happens my own predictions are on the same page as Ribble’s this year. What are yours?

If you’ve got the travel bug and are a cycling fan(atic), join me or tune in and watch this year’s competitors ride all the way from sunny Corsica to the Champs-Élysées – and if you’re lucky enough to be here we’d love to see your photo’s.

Ps: Mia is not going to be happy my first post is more about cycling rather than travel. But hey, I warned her J

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