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Explore Maui: Tour, Shop, Explore and Dine!

Explore Maui

Maui is a true island paradise. Famous for its miles of beautiful soft sandy beaches and its warm and welcoming inhabitants, it is absolutely no wonder that the island has been given the title of ‘Best Island’ for a total of seventeen years by readers of the luxury travel Conde Nast Traveller magazine. Visitors to the island return year after year and find that they make friends easily there. Once visited, the beauty of Maui is never forgotten.

There are so many facets to and aspects of this beautiful island which the visitor will grow to love so very easily. Ask any individual and they will have their own different answer with regards to what it is that they love about the island of Maui. Perhaps it is the gorgeous beaches of Kaanapali, the beautiful seaside shops selling trinkets and colorful local jewellery or if hiking and walking is more your thing then a visit to the majestically beautiful Haleakala National Park will be right up your street.

Of course as with any beautiful and exclusive island there is a plethora of excellent golf courses along with so many beautiful and upmarket hotels. However if you want a real taste of island life then this can be found around any corner.
Nature lovers will not be disappointed either as they witness the many thousands of humpback whales which migrate to the clear waters of Maui each and every year.

There are many beautiful towns and places on Maui. In the east lies the beautiful and unspoiled town of Hana. Getting to the place is a little ‘different’. Although the road from Kahului is only 52 miles long, the actual drive can take up to four hours due to the one track roads and incredible views too! Along this beautiful journey you will be faced with so many images of paradise from beautiful seascapes to glittering waterfalls. Best to leave lots of time for your journey then. You have been warned!

There are many places of interest to visit in Hana such as the beautiful St. Sophia’s Church. There are also many and varied souvenir and knick knack stores which are tons of fun to browse. Choose from some amazing beaches – the black sandy one at the Waianapanapa State Park, the Hamoa Beach or the Hana Beach Park. Hana also boasts the largest Hawaiian temple in the whole state which is situated within the tropical botanical Kanahu Gardens.

Maui is one of nature’s rare jewels and it would be impossible to list all the places of interest on the island in just one article. Make time in your itinery to visit the Pools of Oheo and Kaanapali Beach which once held the title of the best beach in America. No matter where you go on the island, you are sure to love it!

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