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Why Go Hiking in Scotland?

Scotland is brimming with some of the most beautiful and scenic sights in the world. Most tourists prefer walking in Scotland to enjoy an exhilarating experience there. Some reasons why you must go hiking in Scotland have been discussed below:

1. Access to Countryside: In Scotland, you can enjoy unhindered access to open countryside. This shall give you a chance to experience the untouched beauty of Scotland’s tranquil countryside.

2. Scenic Beauty: Scotland has a varied landscape comprising of lush glens, steep mountains and a rugged coastline. You can savor the beauty of Scottish Highlands along with hills, lochs, which is a perfect mixture of tranquility and scenic splendor.

3. Health: Holidaying in Scotland is a good way to take a break from your monotonous work schedule and feel rejuvenated. Hiking would be a great health move, as it involves a good amount of physical strain. The pleasant views along with the clean, crisp and fresh air of Scotland can also work wonderfully well for your health.

Places to go Hiking in Scotland

In a country which is quite popular for its adventure escapades, there is no dearth of hiking spots. Some of the best hiking spots in Scotland are:

1. Great Glen Way: The Great Glen Way is a popular hike in Scotland. It is a nearly 79-mile route, which falls along the length of Lochs Locky, Oich and Ness. It takes you through a broad stretch of forest, and you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries and also experience the thrill of walking by Loch Ness. Make sure you go hiking at the Great Glen Way with your lover. This shall give you a chance to snuggle closer to your love, as you experience the thrill of mistaking almost every ripple on its surface to be the monster ‘Nessie’.

2. The Clyde Coast Way: The Clyde Coast way is hardly 50 miles long, and offers some of the most breath-taking views of the Scottish South-west Coast. This short hike provides you with a view of mountains on one side, and distant islands on another. This trail passes through several coastal towns, which will give you a splendid view of different attractions like historic churches and pubs.

3. West Highland Way: The West Highland Way is a popular 96-mile hike running from Milngavie up to Ft. William. This interesting trail comprises of different Scottish eco-zones such as lochs, moors, forests, mountains and hills.

4. East Highland Way: This recent 78-mile hike starts at Ft. William and ends at Aviemore. You can enjoy the magnificent views of a remote and mysteriously abandoned stretch of wilderness, as this route takes you through prehistoric sites, beautiful castles and lochs.

5. North to Cape Wrath: This hike is meant for adrenaline-junkies and ones with a good hiking experience. Certain parts of this 205-miles long route are unmarked and uninhabited. It is a trail not meant for novices, so make sure you tread this path only when you think you can take up the challenges of a mysterious, unmarked and unofficial trail.

How to prepare for hiking in Scotland?

Hiking in Scotland requires proper planning in advance. Any precariousness on your part can ruin the entire trip. Some factors you need to consider before starting off with your hiking expedition are:

1. Weather: UK weather conditions are quite unpredictable. It rains incessantly in Scotland and these rains are sometimes, also accompanied by strong gusts of winds. Make sure you carry umbrellas and raincoats before beginning with your adventurous hike.

2. Clothing: Hiking involves a lot of physical strain, and can tire your feet easily. Hence, you must wear comfortable footwear which should have a high ankle cuff to support your ankle and prevent twists and sprains. Consider carrying a waterproof jacket, which would protect you from the high-velocity cold winds. Carrying a pair of durable and lightweight trousers is also strongly recommended.

3. Hiking Spot: Now that you know about the different hiking spots in Scotland, you must choose where to go hiking only after prioritizing your interests and comforts. People who are not big-time adventure-seekers could choose a comfortable hike where they could consider staying in comfortable hotels or self-catering cottages. This would give them a chance to admire the scenic beauty while also enjoying the luxuries and comforts of luxury cottages in Scotland. The ones intending to enjoy total adventure need to be well-prepared before starting off with the hike.

4. Food: If you wish to seek complete adventure while hiking in Scotland, you must carry certain food items with you. Treat yourself to calorie-rich food items like chocolates, cookies and cakes while hiking. This is because hiking, a strenuous activity, consumes a lot of calories. You can also carry other packaged food items. Make sure you do not miss out on carrying packaged drinking water. This is because the physical strain of hiking can drain you of water and other vital nutrients.

Make the most of your hiking expedition in Scotland by taking an interesting companion or a lively group of friends with you. It would multiply your thrill and add to your excitement. Consider yourself lucky, if you get a chance to bask in the warm sun while hiking in Scotland.

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