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7 Water Activities You Never Dared to Try

Surfing in Victoria bay

If you are into sunbathing, swimming, and taking lots of selfies, you must love the beach! Many people choose these activities because they want to relax, get away from their exhausting lifestyle and lie under the Sun. But, what about more adventurous types who want to stay active and try new things? Luckily, the sea has many secrets and offers tons of water activities, so here are some you might want to try.

Cliff Jumping
The premise of this activity sounds almost too simple: you find a really high cliff and – yes, you’ve guessed it – jump off it! Just try to land in the sea, not on the rocks, by the way. It requires no training, no equipment, and no previous experience, except your common sense. But, there’s more to cliff jumping than this, including quite complex physics you might want to consider before the jump. There are a few additional tips to remember: don’t do it alone, check how deep the water is, and remain calm.

Base Jumping
Meet cliff jumping’s more dangerous big brother, base jumping. It’s basically the same, but includes a parachute and is hence more dangerous and, consequently, more popular. What you need to do before performing the jump is find a cliff high enough and make sure you know how to handle the parachute. After you have mastered the technique, you can get spectacular results.

There’s no better way to experience the sea than sliding through the waves on a surfing board. However, you will need special skills, some training, and exercise if you want to perform this activity. Moreover, get some professional equipment from the Channel Islands if you want to do it right.

A more complex variation of surfing, the one that involves a kite a surfer tries hard to hold on to is called kitesurfing. Despite being more challenging, this activity is even more enjoyable as you can freestyle and develop your own unique technique. However, since nobody can just stand on a board, grab a kite and become instantly successful, you should try building some muscles beforehand.

Underwater Scooter
Now, this is something only real adventurers will appreciate, even though it has little to do with your typical two-wheeler of the same name. Underwater scooters are actually called diver propulsion vehicles and there are several types available. Whichever you pick, be sure that it will take you on an underwater adventure you never expected – and probably faster than you thought!

For people wishing to see the beauties of the sea up close, snorkeling is the thing to try. In fact, this activity became so popular that numerous high-end resorts now include it in their all-inclusive package and heartily invite you to experience it. You don’t have to prepare for snorkeling: just put on a suit, a snorkel, and a couple of fins, and you’re ready to dive right in.

This activity really puts your fear of drowning in perspective: equipped with a jetpack on your back and a hoverboard on your feet, you can get up to 15 meters in the air, all due to water pressure. But, flyboarding is not only super entertaining and exciting but also positively affects your health by burning unwanted calories and building your immune system. So what if it frightens you a bit?

Other Ideas
These are not the only water-based extreme activities you can try on your visit to the seaside. Other ideas to consider include parasailing, kiteboarding, water skiing, as well as other aquatic sports that will make you forget all about that boring forward crawl you used to depend on for fun on the beach.

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