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Enjoy Some of the Best Restaurants in UK

One of the great innovations in tourism that has been seen over recent decades is that people are more willing to travel in order to sample food of the very highest level, and when it comes to those visiting the UK there are some of the best chefs and restaurants to be found across the country. For many years the UK was considered to be a culinary backwater, but new generations of cooks has reinvigorated the dining experience and is well worth a visit.

The increased profile of television chefs over the past decade or so has been largely at the root of this growth in popularity, and with more top chefs looking to television appearances to help boost their profile, then the top end of fine dining has been at the forefront of the media. Another development is the change from a focus on volume of food production to a new desire for quality ingredients, and the various producers making specialized goods that are used at the country’s top restaurants.

One of the big destinations for food tourists is Padstow, in Cornwall, which is the home of Rick Stein, and the seafood specialties have made the restaurant, shops and other food outlets in the town all focus on the quality of the food that is produced there.

However, as the capital city of the UK, there is no doubt that London is at the leading edge of world cuisine, with so many top class restaurants crafting meals and dishes that are truly exceptional, and boast some of the best ingredients that Britain has to offer. For those who are looking for a city where the very best food can be found in some of the most exclusive locations, London is certainly a culinary tourist’s dream.

There is no doubt that the UK used to be known for sticky stodgy foods and meat that had been over cooked, but this image is fast being turned on its head. Top chefs producing excellent dishes in restaurants across the country are turning this around, and wherever in the UK visitors are, some good food is not too far away.

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