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Weird Fast Food from the UK and Around the World

Whether you’re travelling around the UK or going abroad, I’d always encourage you to try the local cuisine.

But no matter how much of a cultured palette you have, you’ll probably get a hankering for fast food now and again while you’re on your travels.

After all, it’s quick, cheap and even though it’s bad for you, it’s blooming delicious.

But hey, don’t just head for your nearest McDonalds or Burger King.

Fast food can still be a local speciality, so here’s my guide to the weirdest and most wonderful fast food from the UK and around the world.

Read on and you’ll even find out where you can get pizza from a vending machine.

Parmo, North East England

Never heard of a parmo? Well then you’ve never been to a fast food joint in the North East.

It’s chicken topped with Béchamel sauce and melted cheese, served with chippy chips.

I’ll admit, I’ve never had one but I am intrigued.

Pea wet, Wigan

I only live a few miles from Wigan but I was still gobsmacked when my boyfriend told me about one of their local specialities – pea wet.

Apparently, the best way to explain it is ‘mushy peas without the peas.’

It’s the juice from the peas that can be drizzled over your pie or fish and chips.

You may think ‘what’s the point? why not just have mushy peas?’ but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.

Battered Mars Bar, Scotland

From a humble chocolate bar to the stuff of legend, Scotland has become notorious for this battered treat.

As far as foods go, they’re as divisive as Marmite – you either love them or you hate them – but if you pass a chippy in Scotland you have to try one.

Crunchy on the outside and mouth-wateringly melty and chocolately on the inside, they’ll either be the best thing you’ve ever tasted or the worst.

Turkish pizza (lamahcun), Germany

Forget kebabs, when I lived in Germany for a year Turkish pizza was my fast food of choice.

It’s a pizza cooked with tomato sauce and minced meat on top, and then topped with salad and rolled up like a Swiss roll.

I had one on the very first day I arrived in Germany and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since.

Poutine, Canada

It’s easy to think that North American fast food is all burgers, fries and nachos but if you head to the Great White North, make sure you get your hands on a portion of poutine.

It’s Canada’s pride and joy and a bit like our chips and gravy.

The only difference is it’s topped with cheese curds. It doesn’t look particularly appetising but thousands of Canadians will beg to differ.

Currywurst, Germany

Not many Brits have tried this German fast food staple but if you’re heading to over Deutschland this year, I’d strongly recommend it.

If anything, because it’s as dirt cheap as it is tasty.

This sausage in curry sauce is usually served with a bread roll to lap up the sauce and it’s a lovely way to warm yourself up at a Christmas market.

Pizza from a vending machine, France

Now, I always thought the French prided themselves on their fine cuisine.

Which is why I was so surprised when I came across a vending machine that served pizza.

You simply put in your 8 euro and 10 minutes later your pizza (that has been cooked at a restaurant earlier in the day) is ready to eat.

As far as frozen pizza goes, this one was pretty nice.

The weirdest part was that it had potato on it, but hey, each to their own.

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