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Top Secrets to Enjoy your Travel in Australia

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Traveling allows one to broaden his or her perspective about the world in which he or she lives in. visiting foreign countries allows one to be exposed to different foods, languages, and cultures and traditions. However, for one to enjoy his or her travel to Australia, he or she must get acquainted with some top secret activities and must visit places in the said country. To reveal the top secrets in enjoying Australia, these questions must be answered:

1. What is Australia’s finest restaurant?

According to tourists, Australia’s best kept secret when it comes to restaurants is the quality of its food, especially Thai restaurants. There are tons of restaurants, especially in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, that serve dishes that are exceptionally sumptuous and of good quality.

There are also some fine dining restaurants in Australia found in Perth. These restaurants are specifically located along the suburbs of Victoria Park. One of these dining places includes a delightful secret cafeteria called the Harvest Espresso. This café is a home to great coffee, coleslaw toasted sandwich and stunning pulled pork, and sumptuous mushroom and goat-cheese omelet. Furthermore, they also serve very delicious dessert, such as the lemon curd tart.

2. What is Australia’s most exciting food trend?

Australia is one of the countries that manufacture fresh local produce as well as sugar and gluten free substitutes. This allows locals to cook dishes and prepare desserts utilizing these local produce, such as fruits and vegetables. Therefore, healthy diet stands out the mindset of diners, which is something that is unusual in other countries.

3. What is the number one secret to dining for less in Australia?

In order to find the cheapest dining places, a tourist can seek out suggestions from local residents. Oftentimes, tour guides will offer dining places that are expensive enough. Therefore, it is important for one to conduct a research before visiting a certain place in Australia. Furthermore, aside from advices from locals, one can also check out mobile applications, such as Foursquare, for tips on inexpensive dining.

Moreover, the cheapest food can be found on the road. Without a doubt, street food can cost even less than a dollar. These foods are made from fresh local products and are extremely palatable.

4. What is the best foodie destination or city in Australia?

According to most tourists the best city, especially when it comes to food, is Sydney. It is because the diversity across the entire city sounds exciting. The quality of food found in Sydney will surely be missed, specifically the breakfasts and brunches served – not to mention the aromatic coffee. Some of the renowned dining places include Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Mamak, and Emperor’s puffs in Chinatown.

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