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Tips for Traveling with Small Children in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Family

Hong Kong is a city of contrast and surprises. On one side, there is a bustling metropolis teaming with skyscrapers and shopping centers while, on the other hand, there is a natural habitat replete with mountains, sandy beaches, woodlands, and wetlands. The amount of things to do and see in Hong Kong is limitless, especially for young children with wild and vivid imaginations. Taking your kids here will expose them to a new plethora of experiences that cannot be achieved back home. However, taking your kids on a trip across the globe can be quite a challenge and a new experience altogether. Hence, this article aims to provide you helpful tidbits to help you and your children make the best of your Hong Kong family vacation.

Traveling to Hong Kong Checklist

If you are planning on going to Hong Kong (or anywhere else in the world), it comes without question that traveling with infants to small children can be quite tedious and tiring. Therefore, it is advisable for parents to take extra precautions when planning a trip. Even the simplest of items are a necessity in order to keep the young ones happy.


A visit to Hong Kong is never complete without a visit to some of the island’s famous hotels and eateries to sample some of the finest cuisines from Asia and the rest of the world. One of the most stupendous hotel establishments in the port city is Novotel Nathan Road hotel. The facility’s 389 fully-furnished guest rooms are ideal for travelers staying in Hong Kong for business or holiday. The Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Hotel is located close to Kowloon’s CBD as well as the Jordan MTR. The hotel is catered to both business and family travelers from around the globe. The hotel has different rooms on offer, and the hotel can provide comfortable cots or beddings for younger children as well. Additionally, the hotel is part of the Planet 21 movement; a commitment across all Accor hotels to ensure the hotel follows eco-friendly practices to reduce, reuse and recycle material.

Additionally, the hotel is also committed to serving the best and healthy meal choices for its patrons, including children as well.

Things to do with Kids in Hong Kong

There are many fun things to do with children in Hong Kong. The best places to visit are Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula, and the Outlying Islands. In Kowloon, there are many favorite activities for kids to do such as swimming, hiking, trying out new dishes, ferry rides and going to Hong Kong Disneyland. The best places for swimming are in Stanley and Repulse Bay, Tung Wan Beach, Cheung Sha Beach and Lo So Shing Beach, just to name a few. Some places even provide camping grounds for families such as Aberdeen Country Park, and Tai Tam Country Park are two areas to consider. These two parks have trails promise excellent views of the city and sea.

The Kowloon peninsula is home to other attractions including open air markets, Kowloon Park, and double-decker bus rides. For open-air markets, it gets a little crowded at night, therefore, as a recommendation, it’s best to go when the markets are just setting up. Places such as the Temple Street Night Market or Ladies’ Market can be quite intimidating for young children as there are a lot of sounds, smells, and tons of people. Although markets are a great place to grab some local snacks and knickknacks, the crowd maybe a little too intimidating for them, hence, it’s recommended to go early.

If the markets are too intense for your children, take them to Kowloon Park. Kowloon Park is one of the larger parks smack dab in Hong Kong and offers solace for those who seek it. The park offers a broad range of facilities, including a swimming pool and an aviary for starters. Most notably, the park is quiet and

Kowloon Park is a distinctly green space in the midst of hustle and bustle of Hong Kong business district. You can travel with kids to the crowded shopping centers and streets in Kowloon on a double-decker bus and enjoy the sights. The Outlying Islands of Hong Kong are readily available by ferry; the average distance between most of these islands and Hong Kong Island is about one hour. The popular Outlying Islands sites to visit with kids include Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island and Po Lin Monastery. Taking your kids to Tai O Fishing Village will be a treat since this location offers something extraordinary; a chance to get up close and personal with pink dolphins. You can book tours in the village to go see the elusive pink dolphins. However, do keep mind that these are wild animals, and you may or may not see them!

From Lantau Island, you can hitch a ride back to the mainland via the Ngong Ping 360 cable car. The cable car is one of Kowloon’s most defining transportation methods as you can get spectacular views from above. Other spectacular places to take your children are Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Avenue of Stars and Hong Kong’s ginormous shopping malls are some ideas to take your kids for a fun day out.

In conclusion, there are a handful of things to do and see in Hong Kong and it comes to no surprise why many people choose to travel to Hong Kong for a memorable vacation! Going to Hong Kong will open new doors for you and your children to experience; a new culture, tradition, food as well as broaden their cultural horizons for many years to come.

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