Adlers Restaurant

Eating and drinking is vital for all humans. These habits become even more important after a long flight, walk or trip in a new city. A big part of any trip is the food and drink experience. Tasting new recipes, and drinking local wine or beer is something people all around the Globe cherish when they go and visit a place. This is the main reason why the restaurants have to be carefully chosen. Although you may not be on a budget, it is no fun to leave a big amount of cash on a half-filled plate. The food might be great, but the servings could be too small.

What are some good places to eat and drink?

Here is a list of both pricy and cheap restaurants:

  • Adlers restaurant- a bit pricy, but they have a fantastic view. The food is absolutely delicious and the staff is friendly and nice. They also have a bar if you would only like to serve a few cocktails and enjoy small talk.
  • Altstadt-Schmankerl – this place offers some tasty regional specialties. Since it is more of a café-restaurant place, you can also enjoy a drink here. The terrace is absolutely lovely and it is nice to let the Sun warm you in a day of late autumn when it is a bit chillier.
  • Defreggerstube- the inside and the outside of this restaurant are charming. They offer local food at reasonable prices. The staff is also really attentive and warm, the serving is top-notch and the atmosphere is lovely. If you are visiting Innsbruck during summer you can eat outside, because it tends to get really hot inside.
  • Konrads Austrian Steaks- if you want the beast steak in town, this is the place to go to. The food is absolutely delicious and it will definitely make you come back here.

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