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WELCOME to Journeys – A Magazine For the Travel Connoisseur. Journeys’ role is to unearth these experiences; to seek worth, not price. The real, the authentic, the immersive: that is Journeys’ vocabulary. Life-enriching travel is all about storytelling – and reading a story that is compelling is the catalyst to inspire the travel connoisseur to start packing their bags. Storytelling is at the heart of Journeys’ ethos…

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Splendid Isolation on Liguria’s historic Old Salt Road

Aaron Miller embarks on a solo hike along Liguria's historic Old Salt Road Sometimes the wrong path is the best path. I was stumbling down...

How Tourism is Helping Gorillas and Communities in Rwanda

In the world of mountain gorilla conservation, every birth of a new born baby gorilla is a success. According to the 2011 gorilla census...

Top Secrets to Enjoy your Travel in Australia

Traveling allows one to broaden his or her perspective about the world in which he or she lives in. visiting foreign countries allows one...

Going on Safari in Kenya with Kids

It's difficult to take a gourmet lunch menu seriously with hippos blowing bubbles and breaking wind in the background. Of course, our nine-year-old twins,...

Popular Destinations

Explore Capadoccia: the Kingdom of Caves

Zoë Smith explores the underground dwellings and fairy chimneys of enchanting Cappadocia This is how the Hittite tribes travelled," my guide Ibo tells me as...

Visit Faroe Islands: Walk on the wild side

Andy Jarosz discovers dramatic scenery, abundant birdlife and a welcoming community in the remote Faroe Islands Have you heard the one about the Prime Minister,...

Carefree in Kerala

India can overwhelm the first-time western visitor with its unfamiliar sights, sounds and aromas, which is why John Lewisohn chose to take his children...

The Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2022

If there’s one resolution you actually commit to in 2018, let it be travel. It may not be your typical fitness or organization-oriented goal,...





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