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Benin Vodoo Men

The Five Wise Men of the Voodoo Trail

The feeling was unfamiliar. Alone, I sat on the splintered wooden bench while the passersby sized me up with skeptical curiosity. Their skin glistened...
Kilimanjaro Hiking

Budget Travel: Climbing Kilimanjaro the Financially Savvy Way

Climbing Kilimanjaro might be a dream of yours, but it’s wise to make sure the costs don’t turn into a nightmare. When you’re new...
Amboseli Safari

Making Dreams Come True in Kenya

My dream of living in Africa and the creation of Our Eyes on Africa started with my first trip to the continent in the late nineties,...
Kenya Family Safari

Going on Safari in Kenya with Kids

It's difficult to take a gourmet lunch menu seriously with hippos blowing bubbles and breaking wind in the background. Of course, our nine-year-old twins,...
Botswana Safari

A journey Through Northern Botswana

Written By: Warwick Henry The drive from Ghanzi to Maun was quicker than Don and Sarah expected, which suited them fine: northern Botswana awaited! Once...
Kenya Safari Lions

Call of the Wild in Kenya:

There's more to a Kenyan holiday than checking animals off a list, as Sue Bryant finds on a bush and beach safari A herd of...
Victoria Falls

Discovering the Wonders of Smoke that Thunders

Musical, sporting and cultural celebrations will mark Dr. David Livingstone's bicentenary from March to October in southern Zambia this year. Zimbabwean-born Caroline Hurry returns...
Cape Town Beaches

Cities and Landmarks to Visit in Africa

1. Cape Town- South Africa- I feel South Africa has a lot of value and appeal for many people. Europeans and Americans who are planning to...
Cheetah Plains of Sabi Sands

The Cheetah Plains: A Big Five Bonanza!

Photography enthusiasts Ulli Mühlhoff and his wife Irmi recently visited Cheetah Plains as a leg of their safari itinierary. The couple had a Big Five-filled three...

Why Rent a Car and Rooftop Tent for your camping Safari

Renting a car and roof tent camping is one of the new adventure experiences making big strides in the safari world. Travelers have abandoned...
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