In March I booked some holidays and did a Spanish travel marathon going through 4 cities in 4 days. It wasn’t easy, so I had to keep my strength somehow and what better way to do that then through the most delicious foods of Andalucia: their tapas.

Also, before I left, knowing how much I love Spanish tapas, Peter (Travel Unmasked) challenged me to eat 30 tapas on my trip.

Challenge Accepted! Here is the proof:

Please make note I couldn’t fill this post with pictures of all the food. It was hard enough to get these ones crammed in.

Malaga: tapas count 12

Malaga treated me with a few really yummy tapas and in all honesty I thought I will not be able to do the challenge. After only six types at dinner I was barely breathing.

But that wasn’t going to get me anywhere near to completing the challenge so we went for another round:

Before catching the train to Seville we had lunch at El Pimpi. I know this sparked a bit of debate in the comments of the post I did about the trip, but I do think the food was great for the price, service was up to standards, staff was friendly and all tables around us were filled by Spanish. That must say something shouldn’t it? Anywho, El Pimpi got us closer with five dishes:

Seville: tapas count 1

As we got to our second city on our marathon I had almost half of the tapas under my belt – and probably two extra pounds, to be able enjoy Seville with just Sangria and a shared paella.

Granada: tapas count 7

Next followed Granada with delicious patatas bravas and meatballs marinated in spicy sauce, some pickles, olives and of course, the mandatory jamon and chorizo amongst others.

La Herradura: tapas count 18

And then we got to La Herradura, a city between Malaga and Granada where all tapas are free if you get a beer or glass of wine (3 Euros each).

Yes, all of that is free. How you can not get fat in Andalusia is beyond me. I do love Spain: great food, cheap drinks and weather to die for in March. What’s not to love?

Whereas I am still praying for the rain to stop mid May in Manchester.

But here are the last tapas that helped not only complete Peter’s 30 tapas eating challenge, but over doing it as well. I am overachiever after all 🙂

Do you have any favorite tapas or tapas restaurants?

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