When it comes to planning a stag weekend, Europe is the first thing that will come to mind.

You see, Europe is a complete package.

Picturesque destinations, iconic history, party animal friendly cities, easy connectivity and fabulous culture.

What else would you want for your stag do. One of the best things about Europe is that it can cater to diverse interests to keep everyone happy.

Whether you are the wild spirited hungry for adventure type or the lazy lad basking in the sun by the sea person, Europe can give it to you all!

Being the best man, the responsibility of scanning out a suitable stag do destination lies on your shoulders.

For most of the lads, it is either London or Amsterdam when it comes to insane party scenes.

But if you are not the cliche party animal, then you wouldn’t want to settle with what everyone else does!

Indeed, Europe has a lot more to offer when it comes to having an exceptional stag weekend.

We bring to you a list of offbeat party destinations in the European continent to have a stag party like no one ever had recommended by John at Stag Weekends.

Brno – The Hidden Gem in the Czech Republic

When you think of partying in Czech, you always think of Prague.

Since most of the lads would jump off the cliff thinking about a Prague stag do, you can very well take the option of this hidden gem in the Czech Republic.

The country’s second city is the home of the spectacular Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, gloriously standing with its Baroque beauty.

The other places to visit are the Moravian Karst and Caves and the Moravian Gallery for the art lovers.

When you are done with the day’s sightseeing, Brno has plenty of cheap food options and a buzzing nightlife just like Prague to serve you plenty of beer!

Tallinn – The Taste of Culture With Amazing Beer

If you are looking for a Baltic stag do, and you have made up your mind to overlook the cliche options, Tallinn is your place.

A perfect amalgamation of the Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian culture, Tallinn has a lot to offer to the groom team who wants to do more than getting sloshed in a stag weekend.

One of the most fabulous sights that you may ever get to watch is the onion domed St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Along with the abundant cheap beer that the city has to offer, head to Kalamaja, the city’s district which has its own story of transformation.

The Unesco World Heritage site is one place where you can get a distinguished taste of culture with amazing beer!

Dubrovnik –  The capital of Westeros

Well, when it comes to your king’s final week of freedom, there is no better place than King’s Landing.

The capital of Westeros, Dubrovnik is a dream destination for all Game of Thrones fans.

If that is not fascinating enough for you, the city’s limestone streets, terracotta rooftops and the constant shimmer of the Adriatic may please you enough.

The Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and also your go to place to taste the finest fresh pilsner in the bars.

For the day’s sightseeing you can get to see the Baroque St. Blaise Church, the Renaissance Sponza Palace and the Gothic Rector’s Palace which is also a museum.

And talking of museums, the Homeland War museum and the Museum of Modern Art are an experience to have.

Tbilisi – The Caucasian jewel 

As distinguished is the name of the Georgian capital, your stag weekend in this city is going to be even more extraordinary.

The Caucasian jewel has pretty much everything in stock to give you a dazzling singlehood send off.

The city has some of the most stunning churches like the Holy Trinity Cathedral Tsminda Sameba which reflects its ancient culture.

To catch a glimpse of the city’s modern side, pay a visit to the Peace bridge at night. If you lot are the history geeks, don’t miss out on the National Museum showcasing pre-Christian gold jewellery.

The Old Town with its criss-cross network of alleys is fascinating and your spot for local Georgian food. Standing on the river front and admiring the beauty of the city seems to be much better than getting sloshed in this city.


Lubeck – the ‘Venice of the Baltic’

Another UNESCO  world heritage site, Lubeck is in close vicinity to hamburg, which is already a famous party destination of Germany.

A lot of times, Lubeck is referred to as the ‘Venice of the Baltic’. It is absolutely true, when you get to see the magnificent city on your own.

The city has over thousand historical buildings flaunting Brick Gothic architecture which is a treat to watch.

Begin your Lubeck stag do by visiting the Holstentor, which is the city’s symbol. Though terribly damaged by WWⅡ bombings, the city has recovered at a great pace and is turning into a tourist destination.

Along with the marvelous backdrop that the city has, do not worry about a happening night life.

The city has enough of that too for the groom team!

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