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Spain’s traditional meal, tapas, is one the most delicious variety of appetizers, or snacks you can ever taste. And when in Spain, there is no excuse to not have some tapas and some Sangria.

Everywhere I’ve been in Spain I did my outmost to go to a restaurant recommended by the locals and try the tapas. So when I found myself in Barcelona, everybody was talking about Cerveseria Catalana. A bit pricey they said, but more than worth it. Let’s see the finest tapas in Barcelona.


Located on Carrer de Mallorca, between Rambla de Catalunya and Balmes, the restaurant is always busy whether on season or off season it doesn’t really make a difference. I was there in late September and had to wait for 30 minutes to get a table for two so you can imagine how it must be in summer time. They take reservations but you can also turn up on the fly a grab a table too. It’s not as busy before Spanish eating hours so it may be easier to get a table straight away before 9.


The place was crowded even at lunchtime but once we got the table everything moved quite fast to be fair. The waiter was polite and helpful with the selection of tapas and I was really happy that he gave recommendations on what to go for on the menu. I am not much of a wine connoisseur but my friend said it really complemented the taste of the food. Can’t really argue with that!


Just one word: DELICIOUS. Everything tasted divine, from the Patatas Bravas to the Spanish Omlette and the seafood you just couldn’t get enough.

As the variety of Tapas is immense, you can either choose to put your trust in the waiter and get this:

Or go up to the bar and choose for yourself. We got this from the bar:

Another good thing that made me want to go back to Cerveseria Catalana , besides the exquisite food, is that it’s full of locals, which is always a sign of a great place.. There is no better recommendation than that: locals know their own food so why not trust them? Admittedly the price of the food was not for the budget traveller but you would be more than satisfied once you taste the food.  Considering the central position of the restaurant and the great food, I would go there again and enjoy traditional Spanish Tapas.

Insider’s Tip: If you choose to stay on the terrace, the prices are up to 15% higher because of the view (to Gaudi’s works, and the centre of Barcelona). And this applies to all restaurants for either tapas in Barcelona or anything else.

For anenchanting meal for two for 40 Euros my advice is to take a table at one of Barcelona’s finest: Cerveseria Catalana.I like to think I know my stuff when it comes to tapas because I am a tapas maniac and tried over 30 Spanish restaurants and pubs If you have any preferred Spanish place for tapas in Barcelona and any more recommendations  when I go back there ….let me know in a comment below.

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