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5 Exotic African Parks to Visit At least Once in Your Lifetime

Africa is the best safari destination in the world. There are lots of amazing national parks where you can enjoy an African safari. Here...
Uganda Road Trip

5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Safari to Uganda

Uganda is the pearl of Africa and many people have traveled to this beautiful less known country in the heart of Africa. Located between...
London City

5 Activities In & Around London

For travellers seeking urban destinations, London has always been among the most popular options in the world. In fact, going by numbers reported by...
Eiffel Tower Paris

10 Romantic Honeymoon & Holiday Destinations

Sure, anywhere is romantic with the one you love, but some destinations just cry romance. Some of my favorites are: 1. Paris – What's not...
Glastonbury Festival

How to Prepare for Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival, one of the most exciting and awesome festivals in the UK has come up knocking at your door. It is one of...

5 Reasons I Keep Booking Holidays in Spain

For some time people are nagging me why I keep booking holidays in Spain when there are so many more places I haven’t explored...
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