Blackpool is an often overlooked seaside holiday destination in England’s north-west. After being industrialised in the 1800s, Blackpool became a top holiday spot for Britons.

Because of the increased opportunities for people to travel overseas, Blackpool has become a forgotten oasis of family fun and tourism, with many attractions. It has an air of carnivale about it, its Victorian roots of circuses, fortune-telling and rides by the pier have never really left it. It’s not uncommon to see someone enjoying a donkey ride on the beach.

Credit: Laura Reynolds
Credit: Laura Reynolds

It’s like an eerie but lively step back in time for some old-fashioned family fun (and not-so family-friendly fun with its shows and cabarets). Its seven-mile beach is full of golden sand, fun and fairy floss, and is the perfect place to enjoy a classic British fish and chips by the sea.

It boasts the UK’s largest indoor waterpark, The Sandcastle. And its well-renowned theme park ‘Pleasure Beach’ won number one placing on TripAdvisor’s 2014 ‘Top 10 Amusement Parks in the UK’ with the tallest and fastest rollercoaster ‘The Big One’ in the United Kingdom. It stands at an impressive 235ft and is NOT for the faint of heart!

Other attractions include the iconic Blackpool Tower, which has a circus, a Jungle Jims for the kids, a dungeon tour, and spectacular views of the coastline and beach from the Blackpool Eye.

If you happen to be visiting in autumn, The Blackpool Illuminations is an annual light festival which lights up the town.

Machighlander @ /
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Kitsch but quaint, Blackpool is the perfect holiday town for young people, with its bustling attractions, events, nightlife and culture, all for an easily affordable price!

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