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Visiting Mountain Gorillas in Uganda

Mountain gorillas fall in the group of primates and they are endangered. They can only be found in Uganda Rwanda and DR Congo. They...
Lake Bunyonyi

Exploring Uganda on a Family Vacation

Planning to have some time off with your family? Uganda is the place to go. There are adventures for both the young and grown...

Where are the Most Popular Late Holidays This Year?

Late holidays are an excellent way to get more for your holiday money. If you are flexible enough and willing to wait just under...

Meditate Anywhere, Against All Odds

- Created by Ko Im - I am on a carousel of bad luck and I just want to get off this not-so-merry-go-round. My journey...

Future Feature: Island Hopping in the Galapagos

The Galapagos islands have become an increasingly popular destination with over 200,000 visitors walking through designated areas in recent history. But that doesn’t mean that...

Arizona Adventures: Balloons, Birds and Waterfalls

Have you been ticking off those once-in-a-lifetime adventures on your Bucket List?  Here’s one to add if it isn’t already on yours – a...
Surfing in Victoria bay

7 Water Activities You Never Dared to Try

If you are into sunbathing, swimming, and taking lots of selfies, you must love the beach! Many people choose these activities because they want...
Skiing in Scotland

Skiing in Scotland

Skiing holidays are seen as the ultimate in luxury winter holidays but it is not necessary to fly off to the Alps when there...
Wildebeests Africa Safari

12 African Safari Experiences to Stir Your Wanderlust

What’s your idea of a dream holiday? African holidays are amazing because you can have it all. No matter what you’re looking for when...
Victoria Falls

Discovering the Wonders of Smoke that Thunders

Musical, sporting and cultural celebrations will mark Dr. David Livingstone's bicentenary from March to October in southern Zambia this year. Zimbabwean-born Caroline Hurry returns...
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