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Amazing food, good rooms, excellent on-board facilities, and great ports of call – all these have combined together to make cruises a favoured choice for a holiday. The rising number of cruise ships companies, the great variety of destinations offered and a holiday that includes board, lodging, and all-round entertainment in an excellently designed mobile hotel (cruise ship) make for a complete experience.

Cruises are good not only for families that love to travel together, but they are also a great option for the young traveller. Whether they are travelling solo or with a companion, the younger generation has realised that a cruise holiday offers them much more than they had earlier thought, and today many of them are opting for the great deals being offered by cruise liners such as Celebrity Cruises.

Good Value for Money

A cruise ship provides everything that a floating hotel needs. There is an immense variety of food available, most of it is free as part of the package. There are casinos and gyms, swimming pools and Jacuzzis, and several games and shows are conducted every evening as well. The cruise ship charges include all this and much more. There are few other places that offer a traveller such all inclusive deals; however, none of them offer you the added attraction of facilities, such as a different port every day and top-notch entertainment arrangements every evening.

Amazing Destinations

Every individual has a dream destination in their minds, a place that they would like to visit during some stage in their lives. If it is on the seaside, then there would definitely be a cruise ship which will have the specific destination in its itinerary. Ranging from the beautiful Mediterranean ports, the middle east, to the fabulous Caribbean, from the Antarctic regions to the fjords of Norway, there is a certainly a destination to match almost everyone’s dreams. Youngsters love to visit new and varied countries, and it is only on a cruise ship that they can do it, without having to incur the extra expenses of travelling from one place to another, and paying for hotel and ticket expenses.

Five-star Facilities at Affordable Prices

Cruise ships are designed to offer the maximum level of comfort to their passengers, whether they opt for the fancy suites or the simpler rooms at a lower level. There is sure to be a room to fit everyone’s budget. Even the lower level rooms offer the same facilities, albeit in a smaller space. But then, there is so much going on in the ship all the time that most people just go back there to sleep only during bedtime.

Discos and Casinos

Every ship has a casino where games like roulette and blackjack are offered along with the one-armed bandits, the slot machines. There are also discos, where the DJ’s play some great dance numbers. For the fitness enthusiasts, there is always a well-equipped gym, with rock-climbing areas and a good walking track on the top deck. All this for the price of one ticket – what more could a traveller ask for!

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