Rent a fully equipped 4×4 in Arusha, plan the itinerary and off you go to wherever you heart desires. Should you prefer to have some local knowledge on hand, the safari can be escorted or guided.

A self-drive, roof-top camping trip is a perfect way for the independent-minded traveler to experience the wildlife-filled and beautiful Tanzania. Explore Tanzania on a self-drive holiday with rooftop tent. Enjoy the holiday at your own pace with full control of the drive.

Experience the privacy and flexibility of driving your own safari in Tanzania with peace of mind about which route to take and where to sleep? Each Tanzania self-drive tour offers a carefully planned route with stays in rooftop tents.

Rooftop tents could just be the answer to the comfort woes of off-road adventurers who refuse to rough it out by sleeping on the ground. Inside the tent is a pleasant and welcoming queen-size foam mattress. In addition, you’ll appreciate the privacy it offers when it comes to everyday activities like taking a shower, changing your underwear, or fleeing from Tanzania wildlife game viewing in Tanzania national parks.



A roof tent vehicle is for camping in the wild. It will make you get out of your comfort zone of sleeping in the customary places like lodges and hotel and sleep in the jungles under the tent at the top of the car. You are able to enjoy the moon light, the night bliss and the sounds of the jungle at night, not forgetting the sunsets and sunrises that are often magical in any African jungle.

More to that nocturnal animals like the bush babies, wild cats and leopards are likely to be at your sight while camping in the wild. This is something of out of your world. It gets better when you are able to take pictures of these animals and also yourself in the wild at night.  The adventure is very fulfilling and also makes your feel that you have conquered your fears.


A roof tent vehicle on Car Rental Tanzania enables the traveller save some money as he/she is able to dodge the accommodation fees for the lodges or hotel which is replaced by the roof top tent.  The roof tent vehicle package is way cheaper than hiring a car and at the same time pay for accommodation at the lodge.


We all yearn for attention and what brings attention is something unique and trailblazing. A rooftop tent vehicle is a new addition to the self-drive safaris in Tanzania. Not so many people have tried but many people seek to try. Therefore, travellers go for roof tent vehicle on self-drive safaris to be the trendsetters and hence get the attention. Attention always brings so much joy in the heart and also the confidence as you are the man of the moment.


Roof tent is safer than the usual ground camping experience. With the roof tent camping, the traveller sleeps on top of the vehicle which is less risky compared to the ground camping where you are prone to being attacked by wild animals in the jungle. The sense of feeling secure and safe is very paramount in having a wonderful and exciting safari experience.


The roof tent vehicle on a Tanzania self-drive safari offers an all-inclusive experience. With the roof top tent package everything you need on the trip is at your feet because it comes with the transport means, the 4×4 car, accommodation in the form of a camping tent and also the cooking equipment are provided, the meals are all sorted. This makes your life easy while on the self-drive safari as you have everything at your disposal.

The convenience also continues with the fact that you can as well go to a restaurant in case you feel like not preparing your own dinner, and also choose to sleep in a comfort of a hotel bed in case you feel like you have had enough of the nights out on top of the car.

Better view

Rooftop tents put you 5-6 feet off the ground, depending on the height of your vehicle. This allows you to enjoy an unobstructed view of your surroundings while you’re in your tent. There is nothing better than laying back and taking in the view of a towering mountain or beautiful beach. When you’re sleeping in a ground tent, even a small hump, shrub, or boulder can block your view of the landscape.


Because rooftop tents are elevated off the ground, they tend to stay cleaner than ground tents. You can set a doormat at the base of your ladder so you can wipe your feet before you climb in. This way, you don’t track as much mud, sand, water, or dirt into your tent. Because the tent is elevated, it is less likely for the wind to blow dirt in. The inside tends to stay cleaner. Also, rain can’t splash mud onto the sides of the tent. In addition, you don’t have to deal with debris getting stuck to the bottom of the tent. Another benefit is that your car interior will stay cleaner because you’re never storing a wet and dirty tent inside. The rooftop tent always stays outside.


Rooftop tents are generally warmer than ground tents. There are several reasons for this. First, rooftop tents use higher denier (thicker) fabric for the walls. Some rooftop tent models offer a quilted insulating insert as an optional accessory. With the extra insulation, less heat escapes in the night and the interior stays warmer. Next, you’re not sleeping on the cold ground in a rooftop tent.

The floor is thicker so it provides some insulation from the outside. You don’t lose as much heat to the cold ground. Finally, rooftop tent heaters are available for extremely cold nights. Of course, you can stay just as warm in a ground tent. Insulated ground tents and heaters are available. A good sleeping pad with a high R-value will prevent heat loss through the ground.

Conclusion, visiting Tanzania and going on safari is so much more than you can ever imagine when you choose a 4×4 route and the adventure of roof top camping. Complete freedom to create your own adventure, at your own pace and with your own objectives.

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