Roasted Guinea Pigs

One of the great things about going on holiday is the wide array of foreign foods awaiting your arrival. Trying cuisine abroad can bring you into contact with new flavours and give you ideas to for meals back at home. Above all else though, exotic dishes are delicious. However, if you are going to be trying food when you’re on holiday, it’s important to make sure that you’ve got travel cover, because catching a bug from food abroad is one of the most common ways that people pick up a holiday illness.

World Cuisine

Although the food in the UK is great, it can be nice to try sample some foreign delicacies. There is a whole world of new and diverse food out there waiting to be explored.

South America

The countries of South America offer a wide variety of delicious foods that range from the familiar to the bizarre. Argentina boasts beef that is often regarded as the best in the world while Brazil has amazing fruit that is ripe all year round. Food in Peru is big business and the west coast country has internationally renowned restaurants. One of the staples there is lomo saltado, shredded beef with chips and a unique sauce. However, Peru is also to home flame grilled guinea pig, which comes served fully formed- with arms and legs still intact!


The food in Asia can be a bit rich for our western sensibilities, however, if you can see past exactly what it is you’re eating then you’re in for a treat. In Korea, one of the delicacies is live octopus. The animal is chopped up while still alive and served with the tentacles squirming on the plate! Birds nest soup in China is a rare treat. Unlike toad-in-the-hole, birds nest soup is entirely literal. The nests used are swift nets, which are particularly tasty because the birds used their own saliva to hold the nests together.


Being surrounded by some of the finest fishing waters in the world, the countries of Oceania are famous for their seafood. A lot of the dishes are served as delicious stews or soups; however, it’s also common to order one large fish that is placed in the middle of the table for everyone to help themselves.

Food Safety Abroad

Although eating abroad presents us with a lot of opportunities to try new and exciting food, it can also carry with it a few health hazards. When eating in a different country it is important to pay particular attention to what and where you eat, as an upset stomach on holiday could mean that your whole trip is ruined.

Make sure that wherever you eat, the place looks clean. If it seems to be dirty, don’t take the risk. If you go to a place recommended in travel guides then this is a good indicator that it’s reputable. It’s also vital to ensure that your hands are clean before you eat; foreign countries don’t just serve up lots of new foods, they also serve up new germs too!

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