Are you planning to rent a car in Tanzania? It is important to know the traffic rules before hitting the road on your next road trip in Africa. Here is a summary of the traffic rules that you should know;

The road traffic rules in Tanzania may slightly differ from those back in your home country. Therefore, you should be observant enough when driving in a new destination like Tanzania. While in Tanzania, foreign travelers are allowed to drive using a valid international driving permit for a period of about 6 months.

Residents of the foreign countries may also need domestic valid driver license valid for at least 6 months and this should be after validation by local traffic authorities. Anyone planning to stay in Tanzania needs to secure a Tanzania driver license. The foreign registered cars can be admitted for at least 2 weeks.

The road traffic rules in Tanzania

  • Driving in Tanzania, you must keep left.
  • Persons above 18 are eligible to drive on Tanzania safari.
  • Always be on your seat belt while on a road trip in Tanzania. Before setting off, cross-check if everyone is on their seat belts.
  • The accepted blood alcohol is 0.008% for you to drive in Tanzania.
  • Keep speed limit of 50kms per hr in urban centres, 80kms/hr outside urban centres.
  • The 3rd party liability insurance is needed.
  • If you plan to ride a motor cycle, you must wear helmets and this applies to all riders.
  • In case of emergencies, contact Tanzania police on 111/112
  • Each driver should have driver license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration certificate.
  • Avoid driving during dark/at night as most pedestrians, cyclists are many at that time.
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