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O’Neills Victorian Pub and Townhouse – Dublin, Ireland

O’Neill’s is a charming traditional Irish pub with guest rooms in the heart of Dublin. You will feel right at home in one of...

Destination Blackpool

Blackpool is an often overlooked seaside holiday destination in England’s north-west. After being industrialised in the 1800s, Blackpool became a top holiday spot for...
Kerala India

Carefree in Kerala

India can overwhelm the first-time western visitor with its unfamiliar sights, sounds and aromas, which is why John Lewisohn chose to take his children...

The Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2022

If there’s one resolution you actually commit to in 2018, let it be travel. It may not be your typical fitness or organization-oriented goal,...
Nyiragongo Volcanoes

10 Amazing Places to Visit in DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country with great natural resources and wonders. Apart from gold, diamonds and oil, the Congo has over...
Cappadocia Travel

Explore Capadoccia: the Kingdom of Caves

Zoë Smith explores the underground dwellings and fairy chimneys of enchanting Cappadocia This is how the Hittite tribes travelled," my guide Ibo tells me as...
Rwanda the Land of a thousand hills

Visit Rwanda, the Land of a Thousand Hills

Rwanda is one of the smallest countries with highly population density, and its located in the central Africa, it neighbors countries like Burundi in...
The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China has transformed itself from a primitive 7th-century fortress defense system—designed to protect ancient Chinese dynasties from enemy invasion—into a...
Prague City Guide

Czech Mate: Exploring Prague & Spa Towns

Prague resident Jacy Meyer explores the unknown face of the capital of the Czech Republic and the spa towns beyond We are entering a fairly...
Faroe Islands

Visit Faroe Islands: Walk on the wild side

Andy Jarosz discovers dramatic scenery, abundant birdlife and a welcoming community in the remote Faroe Islands Have you heard the one about the Prime Minister,...
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