For some time people are nagging me why I keep booking holidays in Spain when there are so many more places I haven’t explored in the world. And they are right, but once a year something draws me towards Spain. Is it it’s charm, the language, the people, sun, food or just the Latin blood I have running through my veins? It might be one or all of them so I made a list with my top five reason I keep going back:

1. The Sun

Cliché or not I live in Manchester so have some sympathy. I grew up in Mangalia, a small town in Romania by the seaside where summers involved beach parties and 35C on a chilly day. Thus, since moving to Manchester, I am mentally and physically missing the sun’s healing powers. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to be here this weekend?

2. The fun

I love the fun days and nights in Spain. Madrid, Barcelona and Salamanca are my favourites so far but next week I am going on a sun and food marathon through Malaga-Seville-Granada to get my energy levels back up for the rest of the year. I have the Latin blood going through my veins so you can imagine I love the atmosphere in a Spanish pub, café or club enjoying some tapas, tequila and a bit of salsa. There’s nothing quite like it.

3. The food

Ohh the food. As stated before, I am tapas maniac and I will devour tapas anytime of the day. While in Spain next week I decided to do a sequel to my small and innocent beginning of a world of tapas post last year (which I never quite got round to doing properly). So I will endeavour to try the best and cheap – while obviously authentic, tapas restaurants in Malaga, Seville and Granada.

I took the monarch airways test for it as well and as it turns out I am an expert. How well do you know your tapas? You can check with this pretty cool test.

4. The fashion

I am a shoe maniac as some of you may know. I will buy a pair of shoes even if it means sacrificing food for a week. I know what many of you will say I am superficial, there are more important things in life than shoes, that’s a waste of money, blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is we all have our addictions: mine is shoes. Could be worse I guess. And I LOVE SHOES! They are my therapy and shoe shopping gives me a sense of calm. Fact.

Now, shoes and clothes in Spain are so much cheaper (and better) than in the UK. You have brands that you will not find in Britain, or you can only find them in London* so whenever I get a chance to be in Spain I tend to do a bit of shopping. I actually stated why Barcelona is a shopaholic’s heaven in a post. Don’t take my word for it, try it.

Ps.: not the same lines and style and much pricier.

5. The culture

Spain is different (why tanto!!) That’s what any Spaniard will tell you when you ask why they love Spain. They don’t compare it to anything they just know it’s different. I was curious to get answers from some natives so I popped the question to some of my Spanish friends (and they are many). The question was asked in Spanish so I translated their answers.

Here are some of the reasons Spanish love their country:

“The weather, the festivals, the beaches, the food…these are the main reasons” (Vera Wells)

“Above all the joy of the Spanish people” (Helena Fernandez)

“Most people come to Spain as tourists and only drink and party. There is so much more to Spain than just visiting La Sagrada Familia. There are unforgettable experiences to be had like El Camino de Santiago, the beaches, the Cerveserias (beer pubs) and the cheap but delicious and authentic tapas; Andalucia is the birthplace of Flamenco and anyone can become a traveller (not a tourist) if they go with the right mind set, focusing on exploring what Spain is all about.” (Jesus Diaz Jodar)

Now it’s your turn? Why do you love Spain and is it for the right reasons? Let me know in the comments

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