For those that are in the UK and call some of the major cities their home, then they know just how popular it is to use bicycles in order to get around everywhere. So much so that most major cities have bicycle paths that are devoted to these riders and makes riding much more safer for everyone. And probably one of the most impressive bicycle paths out there are those that are found in Oxford. For those that are visiting the major cities and want to blend in with the locals, then they are going to find that there are many stores that are going to offer them the ability to rent a bicycle for a day at a time for as low as ten euros a day, which is fairly cheap when compared to taking cabs or buses throughout the city and it puts you closer to the area that you are looking at.

A few things that those who are traveling with bicycles in the area need to know, especially if they are visiting the area is that they are going to need a map as the streets can get quite confusing for many people that have never been here before. They can find these maps at the stores that rented the bicycles to them or many other stores along the way, such as book stores. Another tidbit to keep in mind is that you may want to consider wearing long pants while riding due to the plants that grow in these bike paths that have been known to itch and burn like crazy should the person come in contact with them. However, most large cities try to make sure that they are keeping these bike paths clear for riders.

Overall, the person that decides to bicycle in these cities are going to find that they are going to get much more of the local flavor doing this rather than sitting behind a window and seeing things from a distance. Plus, they may find that with traffic they can get their faster on a bicycle. It is definitely something that tourists want to put on their to do list.

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