Where did this come from?

When I was travelling around Europe I only had a backpack to carry with me.

Everything in that backpack was supposed to last for six months.

Obviously, I didn’t really have the money to buy a new outfit and with time, my sense of fashion slowly deteriorated.

I started to wear what was clean and what was comfortable without giving a second thought to what I actually looked like.

The travel fashion challenge

Is that ok?

Maybe, when you’re around people that have the same issues as you: limited space in their backpack, not enough money and just a high priority on comfort.
But recently, I was given a challenge by Hotsquash to make different looks whilst travelling with a backpack with only 1 skirt. Challenge accepted!

I just came back from a trip through Eastern Europe: Dubrovnik – Mostar – Sarajevo – Budapest – Bucharest – Brasov

It was amazing!

Freezing, mind you, with snow in Sarajevo, but amazing.



I was skeptical but God I love this skirt.
And there is so much more room for mixing and matching when you come back home. Oh if you want to buy the skirt you can get it here.

What’s your favourite travel outfit?

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